We have made available a number of the articles prepared over the last few years, which we hope are of interest. Others may be available by contacting us directly using the contacts page.



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      published articles   - Extend & Renovate Ireland (Winter 2008)
Breathing Buildings
(pdf - 439 kb) A look at moisture movement in buildings and the advantages of ‘going with the flow’.


  Breathing Buildings - the water cycle
      Reforesting Scotland, issue 35 (Autumn/Winter 2006)
NegaWatts before MegaWatts
(pdf - 290kb) An emphasis of the need to address energy conservation before discussing energy supply technologies.
  NegaWatts before MegaWatts
      Building For a Future, Vol 16, No. 2 (Autumn 2006)
Healthy Heating
(pdf - 292kb) An article which describes the effects that different heating systems have on our health.
  Healthy Heating
      Reforesting Scotland, Issue 33 (Summer 2005)
With Bernard Planterose, Mark Jones
and Mary Fielding
Sustainable, Affordable Housing
(pdf - 513kb) A brief and informal look at creating sustainable homes, looking at a number of ways to keep costs low.

  Sustainable, Affordable Housing
      Building For a Future, Vol 14, No. 4 (Spring 2005)
With Fionn Stevenson, University of Dundee
Design for Deconstruction
(pdf - 174kb) A write-up of recently completed research for the Scottish Executive concerning the design of buildings to facilitate easy and economical re-use and recycling of components and materials.
  Design for Deconstruction
      Green Building Bible 2004/5 (December 2004)
Low Impact Construction
(pdf - 295kb) Looking at the characteristics of low impact construction, and some of the main building types such as earth, straw bale and timber.

  Low Impact Construction
      Green Building Bible 2004/5 (December 2004)
Healthy Living Spaces
(pdf - 170kb) A brief discussion of the main ways in which you can ensure a healthy, safe and comfortable internal space.
  Healthy Living Spaces

Green Building Bible 2004/5 (December 2004)
Timber buildings
(pdf - 465kb) A review of the role timber can play in buildings and its potential and latest thinking.

  Timber buildings

SEPA Journal, Issue 17 (Autumn 2003)
Recent Developments in Sustainable Buildings
Looking at how the important issues facing responsible designers have changed over the last 30 years or so. Commissioned as a SEDA representative.

  Recent Developments in Sustainable Buildings
      Reforesting Scotland, Issue 30 (August 2003)
with John 'Ben'Gunn, Ralph Ogg & Partners
Where there's a will...
A look at the use of untreated, Scottish timber at Glencoe with regard to economics and overcoming the obstacles conventionally placed before innovative solutions - the theme of the issue.

Scottish Forestry, Vol. 57, No.1 (January 2003)
with Bernard Planterose, Northwoods Construction
The Use of Untreated Scottish Timber at the Glencoe Visitor Centre
A detailed account of the use of timber outlining measures taken to achieve innovative, cost-effective and durable solutions.


Building for a Future, Vol 12, No. 3 (December 2002)
with Cameron Scott, Timber Design
Light Earth
(pdf - 302kb) A description of research work undertaken for the DTI on Light Earth Construction along with mention of the straw-clay built extension in Melrose and a series of Case Studies from around Europe.


Light earth home


Research Focus, Issue 50 (August 2002)
Light Earth Construction
Promoting and describing the DTI funded research project

      Building for a Future, Vol 12, No. 1 (May 2002)
Wood Logic
A full write-up of the new Visitor Facilities at Glencoe outlining the rigorous ecological design approach taken.
  Wood Logic

SEDA Journal, Vol 1, Issue 2 (March 2002)
Health and Heating
A brief article describing the relationship between forms of heating and health, giving details of a special wall heating detail developed in a recent project as an 'ideal' heating form.

Designing with Timber, ARCA Special Publication (Early 2001)
Innovating with Timber
A description of several innovations using timber developed by Gaia Architects across various projects.

      Reforesting Scotland, Issue 25 (November 2000)
with Bernard Planterose, Northwoods Construction
Roundpole Revolution
A description of research work undertaken on the potential for small diameter round pole construction within the European Northern Periphery.
  Roundpole Revolution
      Reforesting Scotland, Issue 24 (July 2000)
with Charles Dobb, Earthworks Design & Build
The Office at Dunning
Describing some of the innovative timber design and specification on one recent project.

Ecodesign. (Mar. 2000)
Less is More
An investigation into the advantages of designing and dwelling in small spaces from an ecological perspective.

Building Services Journal. (Feb 2000)
with Nick Grant, Elemental Solutions
Wastewater Management
Technical discussion of the advantages and pitfalls of Ecological Waste Management.
      Building for a Future, Vol. 9, No. 3. (Nov. 1999)
Local is Beautiful
Article describing the design and innovative construction of the Office in Perthshire, made of straw bales with a roundpole structure, sheepswool insulation, turf roof and limewashed finishes.

  Local is Beautiful