straw bale house, mull



project details

Phil & Rae Tiernan

Value: c. £100k  

Dates: June 2009 -


Following our appointment, Locate have been working with self-build clients Phil & Rae Tiernan to develop a cost effective, energy efficient and healthy building suited to the needs of Phil, a builder, Rae and their growing family.
Part of the brief was for the building to be built with straw bales, with clay internal plaster and natural materials generally. Heat is to be provided by a wood stove and rainwater is to be harvested.
The highly insulated building is to be developed to ‘passivhaus’ standards, involving careful attention to thermal bridges and airtightness as well as high levels of natural insulation generally, and heat recovery ventilation will mean a very small residual heat demand which can be easily met by a wood stove with back boiler for hot water. Solar thermal panels will provide most of the hot water during the summer and shoulder months.
Phil is hoping to use locally sourced timber for all or most of the build and Planning willing, we will clad the building in local timber too. Planning has been achieved and Building Warrant has been submitted (April 2012).

 Barrhill Energy Studies

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