sanz passivhaus, dunblane

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project details

John Sanz


2013 -


Following discussions to help improve the energy efficiency of John’s existing stone-built house, an idea was hatched to build a brand new passivhaus on the smallholding John tends just outside Dunblane. John suffers from Reynaud’s Phenomenon which means his hands and feet become painful when cold. Spending increasingly large amounts of money to fail to keep warm was becoming a serious problem rather than just an expensive inconvenience.

The principle of a new building on the smallholding had to be established and this took the best part of a year. However, in February 2014, approval was granted by the Local Review Board and work started on a detailed Planning application. Full Planning Permission was granted in August.

Working with Mark Dowey of Module Architects, we have started (September 2014) to draw up Building Warrant drawings based on an innovative “ICF’ system with Ekonekt and aided by Graham Drummond of Passivhaus Associates who is developing the parallel PhPP required for passivhaus certification. The new house should ensure John stays warm and comfortable and able to work his land for many years to come!

proposed house with outbuildings for the smallholding