compost toilet, salen

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project details

Acharacle Community Company / Sunart Oakwoods Initiative

c. £15,000

Design: July/August, Construction: October / November 2006.


Following an approach from the Sunart Oakwoods Initiative Locate were appointed to design this stand-alone facility by the existing amenity building at Sgoil na Coille in the woodland at Salen, near Acharacle in Ardnamurchan. With no services to this remote site, the toilet will allow the main building to be used for day-long events and longer, whereas now all activities are restricted to half-day at the most.
The tiny building, completed in April ‘07 features a sheltered area for prams and retreat from the rain, while the compost toilet itself is a proprietary model by Natsol in England. There is no water supply, so hand cleansing is by anti-bacterial gel, while photovoltaic panels feeding a battery provide light when needed.
Contractors Richard and Liam Livett have done a wonderful job, harvesting, milling and installing all the timber from within a few yards of the site. All timber is used untreated and the all timber external look is complemented internally with neat linings and finishes. We made a special effort to make the inside pleasant to try to counteract any initial resistance to the idea.
The building is accessible to all abilities with lots of natural light and an eye level window when seated to provide a loo with a view!

compost toilet, salen

Interior of compost toilet, Salen