passivhaus office, glenrothes


project details

Fife Council


February-March 2008


Following work undertaken by Locate for Fife Council at Burntisland, we were approached to investigate the feasibility of a passivhaus standard version of a Business Incubator Unit, this time in Glenrothes, Fife.

Locate are working with Bernard Planterose of North Woods Construction, Peter Warm, Environmental Services Consultant and Ralph Ogg & Partners Cost Consultants. We are also liaising closely with Eurban Solid Timber Specialists in London to optimise massive timber panels for the construction and very high levels of natural insulation (using straw bales for floor and roof). Domestic scale heat recovery ventilation units are employed to meet most of the heat demand while a pellet boiler provides back-up and residual heat as well as domestic hot water. High performance glazing is another crucial aspect of the fabric design.

Over 6000 passivhaus standard buildings have been built in Europe but the concept has only recently caught the imagination in the UK. Passivhaus buildings are ultra well insulated and airtight so that most or all heating needs can be met by ventilation heat recovery. An initial assessment of the proposals show that we are well within the 15kWh/m2/yr target required by the Passivhaus Institut.


passivhaus office, glenrothes

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