light earth research - 2

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Carbon Trust


Date Published
December 2005.


Some time after the completion of the building at Littlecroft, and following the light earth research managed by Chris while at Gaia Architects, Locate were approached to help with two further research projects on thermal performance and moisture content in light earth walls.
Both projects are being undertaken by the Environmental Buildings Group at Plymouth University. The first, on thermal probes is managed by Brian Pilkington, Research Project manager, and is funded by the Carbon Trust. The second, on moisture content of walls is managed by Dr. Steve Goodhew, Head of Building Programmes. Locate’s involvement included the development of an appropriate methodology, insertion of probes  (upper image), and after a couple of years of data gathering (for which thanks are due to Ann Morgan and Neil Cockett, the owners), discussion of the results. Thermographic images (lower image) of the building and air temperature and relative humidity sensor readings for the same period helped gauge the results.

Whilst the thermal probe research is ongoing, an article about the moisture research can be found on the US based ASCE Library website.

light earth research - 2

light earth research - 2