kinlochleven community centre



project details

Kinlochleven Community and Sports Centre Ltd.

c. £760,000

Design start 1998. Site Works March 2001 ­ October 2001


One of the Gaia Architects projects where initial feasibility work and community consultation was followed by funding success and an architectural appointment. The building comprises a Main Hall and Changing facilities, a Learning Resource Centre for the University of the Highlands and Islands, Snooker Room, Fitness Suite, Kitchen and several General Purpose Community Rooms.

The Centre boasts only the second use of Dynamic Insulation in a major building in Scotland, is highly insulated generally and is heated entirely by locally sourced woodchip making it a largely carbon neutral building. The natural slate roof is complemented internally by a sweeping rooflight bringing natural light into the centre of the building, with natural timber and paint finishes throughout.

Chris Morgan was involved in the community consultation whilst working for Gaia, and was responsible for the design development from Planning onwards, all Client liaison and site works.


Kinlochleven Community Centre

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