inchdryne, nethy bridge

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project details

Marina Dennis

c. £250,000

Design start ­ Dec. 2003
Completed - March 2006


Locate Architects worked in collaboration with North Woods Construction on this significant holiday home in the designated SSSI within Abernethy Forest, as part of a Croft diversification scheme. Aiming for the upper end of the self-catering market the house is highly contemporary and environmentally sensitive, with an open plan layout and extensive glazed areas to make the most of the beautiful woodland setting. Featuring a post and beam structure centrally and using Highland sourced materials and skills, the building is highly insulated, airtight and healthy using only natural materials and finishes.

The building was completed in March 2006. For those interested in staying in the house, the website for information and booking is

double height and open-plan living area with Kitchen and Dining Area behind and Mezzanine above

inchdryne, nethy bridge