dornoch forest amphitheatre



project details

Forestry Commission Scotland

c. £135k

May 2006


As part of the Highland Year of Culture 2007, the Forestry Commission Scotland (FCS) has developed a programme of forest-related events known as “Touchwood”. A major project within the programme is the creation of a 300-seater forest amphitheatre on the outskirts of Dornoch in Sutherland.
FCS approached three practices including Locate to prepare a competitive bid for the project. In collaboration with the Appleton Partnership, Theatre Consultants, King Shaw Engineers, Ralph Ogg & Partners Cost Consultants and Logical Buildings, Log Construction Specialists, Locate submitted a bid based on the idea of a “stockade” amphitheatre in the round.

The site is a quarry within a forest, and the proposal uses materials from the site; rock from the quarry for all flooring and gabion seating, and trees (poles) from the site for the walls and main structure. The building sits in the landscape as much as it is of the landscape. A canvas cover will keep out the rain.
Following a transparent and rewarding presentation with the two other Practices competing, Locate were informed that we were not successful on this occasion and we wish Forestry Commission Scotland, Neil Sutherland and Organic Buildings all the best with the project!

dornoch forest amphitheatre

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