domestic appraisals



project details

Client: various

usually £350 per day

usually 1 or 2 days


Many people want to improve the energy efficiency of their home, are concerned about health risks in the home, or want to increase the overall sustainability of their lifestyles. They want their house and home to help, not hinder that effort. Sometimes this is linked to other works planned for the house, sometimes not. We also advise Clients who just want to prioritise their efforts without any major emphasis on environmental aspects.
There is so much information out there but it is difficult to really know what is most important, and what is most effective in the context of your own individual home, your own aspirations – and your budget.

We have a lot of experience in exactly these things, and Locate have now undertaken almost two dozen small scale one-or two-day appraisals. These include a visit to your home, discussion about your individual needs and aims, followed by a small report outlining an agreed and prioritised package of measures to suit each circumstance.  We work with existing homes, and advise on projects still on the drawing board.
So much money is wasted on well meaning but ill-conceived works, this service is for those who would rather get it right first before spending large sums of money and causing untold domestic disruption!

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