6 Claddens Holdings, Lenzie

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Joe McManners & Margaret Kerr


January 2013 -


This project started life as a refurbishment project when Joe and Margaret approached Locate to come up with a way of converting this bungalow and outbuildings just outside Lenzie into a warm and comfortable home for them both and a workplace for Margaret who runs a nature-based therapy practice. The property comes with 7 acres of woodland and meadow which the couple will supplement with wild flowers and new, native trees.

The refurbishment option proved too expensive, once VAT was taken into account so the existing buildings will be demolished and a new house and outbuildings in their stead. The new house will be designed and built to Passivhaus’ standards and may be certified. Natural materials will be specified throughout.

Planning and Building Warrant were achieved in 2014 and work started late that year. After a few months of dreadful working conditions over the Winter, the house – and builders Dave and Joe - have emerged into the Spring sunshine and all is looking very good!

With only 1.5 FTE working on the build, it is fairly slow, but the workmanship is immaculate and materials choices ideal, so the finished building should be every bit as good as anticipated.

Claddens Holdings

Claddens Holdings upstairs

Claddens Holdings roof with runners for PV panels