6 houses, bressay, shetland



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Shetland Council / Local RSL

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2010 -


2010 was Shetland’s Year of Architecture and in addition to hosting an international conference (where Chris was one of the speakers) a Sustainable Housing competition was launched for a difficult site at Fullaburn, on the island of Bressay, overlooking Lerwick.

Locate paired up with Scalloway-based Redman & Sutherland for the competition which attracted 38 entries and a shortlist of four who were asked to develop ideas further under guidance from the RIAS.

Our winning design, which was primarily the work of Iain Malcolmson at Redman & Sutherland, features a group of six homes tightly clustered into an organically arranged terrace echoing vernacular Shetland practice, with South-facing gardens and a narrow, sheltered, shared entrance route along the Northern edge. The designs will be flexible, traditionally formed but detailed in a contemporary manner with a strong focus on sustainability. 

6 houses, bressay, shetland

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